Mental Space Psychology Atlas

Mental Space Atlas is the title of Lucas Derks’ 2018 video-course, that covers the whole range from the history of this new psychological paradigm up to the future use in psychotherapy and psychiatry. It aims at an audience with a professional interest, psychologist, linguist, researchers and practitioners of various forms of psychotherapy.

Lucas Derks teaches in his comprehensive, amusing and expressive manner. The 12 modules include 3 demonstrations of multi-modal spatial psychotherapy and also the 2014 documentary “Mental Space Psychology” that gives a voice to a variety of people that make use of spatial interventions. The total length of the video material in this course is 9 hours and 32 minutes.

Because the makers produced this course on their own expenses, the price could be limited to 49,95 Euros / 60,00 US Dollar.

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The revenues will flow to the Society for Mental Space Psychology.

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